América Latina y Caribe

Latin American and Caribbean Network of Memory Sites

The institutions that make up the Latin American and Caribbean Network of Memory Sites (RESLAC for its initials in Spanish) work on the recovery and construction of collective memories about the serious violations of human rights and resistance that have occurred in the region in the recent past, in periods of State terrorism, internal armed conflict and high levels of impunity, with the aim of promoting democracy and guarantees of non-repetition.

RESLAC develops joint projects, initiatives, and trainings that seek to strengthen integration between institutions with similar perspectives. The interest in sharing and integrating knowledge and practices in this Latin American context responds to the need to understand the region integrally: to understand its historical processes linked by indissoluble links.

Members of RESLAC and the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience include museums, memorials, historical sites, public parks, memory initiatives and organizations, linked by their commitment to the principles of Sites of Conscience, which establish that these places specials:

– interpret history through site;

– engage the public in programs that stimulate dialogue on pressing social issues;

– share opportunities for public involvement and positive action on the issues raised at the site;

– promote justice and universal cultures of human rights.