Memorial da Resistência de São Paulo – Associação Pinacoteca Arte e Cultura (APAC)

The Memorial da Resistência [Memorial of Resistance] of São Paulo, established by the Department of Culture of the State Government of São Paulo, is an institution dedicated to preserving references of memories of political repression and resistance in Republican Brazil (1889 to the present day) by turning into a memorial part of the building which between 1940 and 1983 housed the Departamento Estadual de Ordem Política e Social de São Paulo [State Department of Political and Social Order of São Paulo] – Deops/SP, one of the most violent and aggressive police forces in Brazil, especially during the military regime.

The museological program of the Memorial da Resistência is based on research, safeguarding (documentation and preservation), and communication (exhibition and educational-cultural actions), guided by thematic foci on resistance, control, and political repression. It has six lines of actions which are connected and have the aim of making the institution a space aimed at reflection and whose actions contribute to the exercise of citizenship, improving democracy, and the valorization of a human rights culture.

Since 2009 the Memorial da Resistência de São Paulo has been an Institutional Member of the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience.

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