Museu da Pessoa

The Museu da Pessoa is a virtual and collaborative museum founded in São Paulo in 1991, when the Internet was giving its first steps as a network that could connect people from all over the world.

It has a collection of more than 18000 testimonies in audio, video and text and about 60000 photos and scanned documents. The Museu da Pessoa believes that valuing the cultural diversity and history of each person as a world heritage, contributes to the construction of a culture of peace. Therefore, its main mission is to be an open and collaborative museum that transforms the life stories of each and every one of the people into a source of knowledge, understanding and connection between people and peoples.

The museum developed a unique methodology, the Social Memory Technology, recognized for its potential to use memory as a tool for human development.

It is one of the first virtual museums in the world and has developed a digital platform that allows broad public participation. At the Museu da Pessoa, in addition to being visitors, people can also be part of the collection by registering their life stories, as well as becoming curators and publishing their own collections.

The Museu da Pessoa has an educational program that has trained thousands of students, teachers and peoples from all over Brazil in how to use life stories as a tool for social transformation and connection between people.

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